Posted on September 29, 2016

How to Wear a Statement Sweater 3 Ways


How to Wear a Statement Sweater 3 Ways

Statement sweaters can be such a fun item but sometimes such a scary thought to many people. Most are afraid of wearing them because they are bold, too recognizable and worried about how to style them. For me, it’s one of my absolute favorite fall trends. I absolutely love playing with layers, textures and different materials to make it my own. Not only that but you can really style a statement sweater for any occasion and/or weather condition (even season)! For example, some of you may think that a sweater is only for cold weather conditions but hey, I live in Southern California and statement sweaters make it into my wardrobe selection all too often. It’s honestly all about having a bit of creativity and pairing it with the right pieces and making it work for YOU.

Today is all about how to wear a statement sweater 3 ways with some of my Tommy Hilfiger statement sweaters. Hopefully you all find a little inspiration to incorporate into your everyday style as well!

tommy-hilfiger-american-flag-sweater tommy-hilfiger-american-flag-sweater tommy-hilfiger-american-flag-sweater tommy-hilfiger-american-flag-sweater-239 tommy-hilfiger-american-flag-sweater tommy-hilfiger-american-flag-sweater

Look 1: Sweater // Collared Shirt // Pants // Shoes // Sunglasses

Gone are the days of minimalism and especially if you live in colder climates, it’s time to layer up. There’s no reason hy you shouldn’t want to pile on the scarves/collared shirts and accessories with your sweaters. So use a little creativity and instead of just wearing that sweater with jeans it’s time to think outside the box a bit.

For a professional polish, my first look pairs this white pair of culottes with this amazing american flag sweater that I’m loving. To jazz it up a bit, I added a striped button down underneath the sweater so that the collar peeks through and made sure my hair was loosely pulled back to ensure the details were visible.

tommy-hilfiger-h-sweater tommy-hilfiger-h-sweater How to Wear a Statement Sweater 3 Ways tommy-hilfiger-h-sweater tommy-hilfiger-h-sweater tommy-hilfiger-h-sweater tommy-hilfiger-h-sweater tommy-hilfiger-h-sweater

Look 2: Sweater // Skirt // Shoes // Scarf // Sunglasses // Bag

For a weekend look that wins, one of my favorite outfits pairs the classic Varsity “H” sweater with this must have denim a-line skirt. My favorite part of the whole look is the added tattoo print scarf that I feel gives it a very “Hampton-esque” quality that I love. Adding an a simple accessory like a scarf to a statement sweater can instantly upgrade it with little to no effort and give the look something you may not have expected. Also, try not to be to matchy-matchy. I chose this olive colored crossbody bag and because it didn’t blend too much with the outfit but also didn’t clash as well.

tommy-hilfiger-anchor-sweater tommy-hilfiger-anchor-sweater tommy-hilfiger-anchor-sweater tommy-hilfiger-anchor-sweater tommy-hilfiger-anchor-sweater tommy-hilfiger-anchor-sweater tommy-hilfiger-anchor-sweater

Look 3: Sweater // Shorts // Jacket // Shoes // Sunglasses

My last look is the wildcard. When you want to throw on a pair of shorts and call it a day, look no further. You can pair your favorite statement sweater with a pair of wool trouser shorts (which are great for the fall/winter months) and layer it with an awesome moto jacket. It gives the look a very laid back vibe while still looking put together and polished. Also, can we talk about the classic penny loafer?! I’m obsessed and they are comfortable as ever! Pair with a shoe like this to achieve the “effortless” look we all strive for.

As you all can see, I love a good statement sweater and there are so many fun ways to style them and make it your own. It just takes a little creativity and thinking outside the box. Always remember to play with prints and don’t be afraid to stand out a bit — in fact, that’s what I love most about it. Be you and make your own trends!

Big thanks to Tommy Hilfiger for sponsoring this post.

Posted on September 28, 2016



Rebecca Minkoff Roberta Ruffle Dress Rebecca Minkoff Roberta Ruffle Dress Rebecca Minkoff NYFW-6 Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Rebecca Minkoff Roberta Ruffle Dress Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Dress: Rebecca Minkoff // Watch: Movado

Bear with me guys, I’m still posting all my looks from NYFW. I know, I know, I don’t know how it’s taken me this long but somehow it has. I’ve been SO busy these days and juggling a million different projects that sometimes things get a little jumbled around but this was definitely one of those looks I HAD to get up!!

For I don’t know how many years now I have been a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff. I first admired her handbags SO much and I remember getting my first one — it still is a prized possession. There are something about her creations that are so trendy, so perfect and so timeless. Later however, I was blessed enough to get introduced to the brand (hallelujah) and had the opportunity to wear some of the RM clothing items! Let me tell you — I was hooked! Let’s just say the handbags are not the only thing to obsess over.

I got to attend the RM runway show at NYFW this season and it was nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to the wonderful RM team, I was dressed in this to die for Rebecca Minkoff Roberta Ruffle Dress that I’m telling you, got a TON of head turns. I’ll be honest too, I couldn’t stop twirling and spinning in it as I walked down those Soho streets. Not even joking 🙂

The dress is still available, I’ve linked to it here and you don’t want to let it slip away its a total show stopper I swear!! You guys will love it!

Posted on September 27, 2016

Game Day Style


San Diego Chargers SD Chargers game day style

All NFL Gear: Here

For further details my hat is here and tank top is here.

With football season finally here, I thought what better way to celebrate than to style a fun game day style outfit?! Now, I may not be the biggest sports gal in the world but I will say, I have a little thing for football. I may not know all the technical terms but something about watching it and rooting for a team (cough cough San Diego Chargers) just gets me all riled up! Granted, I will say that I usually only watch the Charger games but hey, that’s cuz I am a loyal fan!

Or so I like to think that.

Regardless, I can look the part and we all should because football season is fun and so are the parties that go along with it. So take a little inspiration from my look above and just go have fun with it and create your own game day look that you can have fun in while rooting on your fav team!


Posted on September 27, 2016

Whats In My Makeup Bag


Covergirl Mascara

Today is a fun little beauty post and with it is all about what is inside my makeup bag. For me, I’m very minimal when it comes to my makeup — I believe in good skin care and just carrying the essentials so here is a roundup of what I have been carrying around regularly lately:

AMORE PACIFIC Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme

I will usually carry around either my favorite foundation or concealer with me at all times. You never know when you might need a quick touch up and the worse thing is when you don’t have it — trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. Currently using Laura Mercier Silk Creme Photo Edition Foundation and I love it SO much!

Another thing I carry around with me is a good mascara. For me, I don’t always wear mascara daily but its nice to have the option once again when you may already be out and about and meeting up with some girlfriends.

One thing I am an avid believer in is blush. I literally never leave the house without blush. There’s something about it that makes me feel alive and if there is anything I wouldn’t be able to part ways with it may be my blush, no joke! This baby goes everywhere with me!

Lately I’ve used the AMORE PACIFIC Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme since its great for skin types lacking moisture (like me!). Honestly, as you age, lack of moisture and free-radical damage are the first healthy skin functions to go so the skin really does become more dry, appears dull and shows dehydration  lines. Moisture Bound helps delay the aging and promote youthful skin! Use the coupon code LOVEAMORE to get your own!

Lastly I have been loving the L’Oreal Collection Privee The Perfect Nudes. They are great lipsticks to have and super affordable. I also love that they glide on smooth and don’t dry out your lips at all. They even give a nice sheen look to them which eliminates the need for a gloss on top.

Hope you guys enjoyed a look inside my everyday essentials!

Posted on September 26, 2016

Head to Toe Lacoste


Lacoste Outfit Lacoste Outfit Lacoste Outfit Lacoste Outfit Lacoste Outfit Lacoste Outfit Lacoste Outfit Lacoste Outfit Lacoste Outfit lacoste-12

Dress: Lacoste // Watch: Lacoste // Shoes: Lacoste

Lately the craze is the sporty chic look and who better to nail that then Lacoste, right?! When I went to NYC for NYFW I had the opportunity to be dressed in head to toe Lacoste for their runway show and I’ll be honest, it was probably my most comfortable look of my entire week there. Not only that but I got tons of compliments on my look as well. This little ensemble was a hit.

 This crepe quarter sleeve dress is amazing since it features a two in one style. It almost looks like it is a top and skirt separate but in actuality it is all one piece which makes it so convenient and insanely comfortable. Seriously guys — I was even considering wearing this on my flight home — it was THAT great. Originally I was going to pair it with a statement shoe which you obviously could do but I ended up going for a sporty look since I haven’t been able to take off these Lacoste Straightest Sneakers since I got them. They are SO comfortable and these days so on trend.

Love Lacoste SO much and I promise it’s not just cuz I’m a Frenchy myself 😉

::wink wink::

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