Posted on August 25, 2016

How to Style Harem Pants


Aerie Harem Pants Outfit Aerie Harem Pants Outfit-9 Aerie Harem Pants Outfit

For a while now, I have been a HUGE fan of Aerie. First of all, I love their items from lingerie to clothing and more and even more than that, I’m obsessed with the message they portray to women of all ages out there. They are committed to making all girls feel good about themselves – no matter the size – and to be honest, shouldn’t ALL brands do that these days??

I think yes..

Sometimes, even as a style blogger it’s hard not to find yourself comparing yourself to others and trying to fit into these impossible standards that well — when you find a brand that just loves to embrace women for who they are and encourages them to love themselves exactly the way they are, a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders.

So naturally, when I had the opportunity to partner with Aerie today, it was a no brainer here!
Aerie Harem Pants Outfit Aerie Harem Pants Outfit how to style Harem pants Aerie Harem Pants Outfit-12

Like I mentioned above, Aerie carries tons of amazing items such as lingerie and swimwear but what some may not know is that they also have some beyond amazing clothing/lounge items as well! Since I’m a total Cali girl, when I saw their awesome Harem pants I thought they would be perfect for that comfy SoCal style that I know I love to sport on the daily.

I mean, who doesn’t???

Their Deep Waters Harem Pant caught my eye since I wanted a bright color to stand out at the beach and such but they also have some more subtle colors if that’s more your style. I can’t even begin to explain how comfy these pants are you guys! You literally feel like you’re wearing PJ pants that are stylish enough to wear out. Talk about amazing, right?
Aerie Harem Pants Outfit-16 Aerie Harem Pants Outfit-14 Aerie Harem Pants Outfit Aerie Harem Pants Outfit Aerie Harem Pants Outfit

I also want to talk about how to style Harem pants since some people think it can be a bit challenging. Since Harem pants sit a little bit higher waisted, I like to wear cropped tops or wear tops that I can tuck in such as a loose tank or even a body suit! I chose to pair it with this off-the-shoulder crop tee in navy. I’m not one to show too much skin but I feel like it shows just the proper amount without it being too much.

Aerie also has some bodysuit options available here which I was debating wearing with it as well but ultimately went with the crop top. I do, however, think a bodysuit would be a super cute option and totally different!

Aerie Harem Pants Outfit Aerie Harem Pants Outfit Aerie Harem Pants Outfit Aerie Harem Pants Outfit-17 You guys can purchase both of these at an incredible deal as well here:

Harem Pants: HERE // Top: HERE

Remember, these pants can be dressed up or down depending the kind of mood you are in! Wear them as lounge pants at home with a loose knit sweater for a laid back look, or dress it up a bit as I did for a look you can definitely wear out! There’s one thing you will not regret — how COMFORTABLE you feel in them, that’s for sure!


Big thanks to Aerie for sponsoring this post.

Posted on August 23, 2016


Behind the Blog

Old Navy Roller Disco Old Navy Moonlight Rollerway If you guys followed on Instagram and Snapchat the other day then you might have seen I made a little road trip up to Los Angeles for a super fun event with Old Navy! It was held at the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale which is an old school skating rink that I’m newly obsessed with!

Honestly, walking in was like stepping into the 70’s and I loved every second of it.

Hosted by Old Navy, there was a station for slushies, to check out the awesome new Old Navy Built In Sculpt Denim (which I happened to be wearing to the event) and of course what else other than tons and tons of roller skating and some fab giveaways?!
Old Navy Roller Disco Old Navy Sculpt Denim It was so fun to do something outside the norm and with a brand that I truly love and have partnered with for some time now. I am not gonna lie though — I literally almost fell about 15 times! So embarrassing since there were girls 10 years younger than me doing all kinds of tricks. Somehow I started to think back to the days when I used to rollerblade and skate and can’t understand how I lost all coordination in body. Is this what happens with age?!

Regardless, I had such a fun time and on top of it all, I got to bring my cousin who was visiting here from France to the event with me! It was so fun to get to experience something she has never had the opportunity to see and to show her a bit of my world! We both had such a blast.

And, I have to mention — I posted the above photo on Instagram and I got a lot of questions about my outfit! Yes — the whole outfit (top and bottom) are Old Navy!! The pants are their Old Navy Sculpt Denim which seriously allows you to move amazingly in and are so comfy and the top is a great everyday loose tank!

Hope you guys have an awesome day!

Big thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post.

Posted on August 23, 2016

Prevent, Protect & Reverse Signs of Skin Damage

Skin Care

Reverse Signs of Skin Damage There’s no denying that the sun is enemy number one when it comes to your skin. It can dehydrate, wrinkle, discolor and cause your skin to look weathered. As a licensed esthetician myself, I have studied the skin in depth and know from experience that the sun is the major cause of everything in the skin we associate with aging. Of course, there are some other things that attribute to it but for the most part, people have no clue how much damage the sun is actually doing — especially when they are young and have no care in the world. Today I’m writing this post to shed some light on how to reverse signs of skin damage.

Untitled-1 The sun is more damaging to your skin than you think. Just 11 minutes of sun exposure does more damage to your skin than your body can repair in one day. Sounds a bit scary, right? UV radiation creates free radicals in the skin, damaging and breaking down collagen and elastin which is the main thing you need to protect if you want to keep those signs of aging down to a minimum.


1 – ROUGH, SANDPAPER-LIKE SKIN: Deep within the skin lies collagen, which is responsible for a smooth cushiony plump look. When skin is exposed to the sun, the sun’s rays damage the collagen, causing your skin to become loose and have a marbled appearance to it. Solutions include fractional resurfacing as well as fillers which can help increase collagen synthesis and help reverse the aging process.

2 – LIGHT BROWN SPOTS ON YOUR CHEEKS AND FOREHEAD AND THE SIDES OF YOUR FACE: This has (sadly) actually happened to me many times. As a means of protecting itself from the sun, your skin produces melanin which leads to brown spots. Every skin tone has this same response to the sun but it really comes down to your skin color and how much pigment your skin naturally produces. People with more melanin tend to tan easily in response to sun while those without much melanin tend to burn. It’s repeated sun exposure  that leaves us with permanent brown blotches. Things you can do are skin brighteners or some laser treatments but I would be careful and do your research on which laser treatments are best as I hear mixed reviews from some. I do however recommend doing Jessner Peels which are great for peeling the surface of the skin and lightening up some sun spots/scars.

3 – LOOSE SKIN: Just how the sun can cause your skin to become rough and leather-like, it can also cause it to lose its firmness and elasticity. The sun physically weakens and breaks down the elastin fibers in your skin. To help with this there is a tightening procedure called Ultherapy, however I am not sure on the effectiveness of this treatment. Supposedly it helps lift and tighten loose skin non surgically.

4 – RED BROKEN CAPILLARIES: The sun is more often than not the culprit behind broken capillaries and even red splotches. When blood vessels are damaged by the sun, they swell and become dilated created red blotchy spots and visible spider veins on the face. This is not to say that broken capillaries are always the cause of the sun but people sometimes don’t know that the sun can actually cause them. For treatments there are vascular lasers that can help treat broken capillaries although multiple treatments are required.

5 – LINES & WRINKLES: Lines and wrinkles that are caused by the sun tend to surface on the skin for one of two reasons or a combination of both — Increased free radicals and a loss of elasticity due to sun damage. For lines and wrinkles that are the result of constant movement, Botox or Disport is your best choice for treatment. For deeply etched lines and wrinkles, the use of fillers and lasers may be necessary which will help plump up the wrinkles while the lasers create smoother skin. There are also deep peels that can be uses as well if you are not a fan of going the Botox or laser route.

All the above products you can reach by clicking the “+” and you will be lead to the site to read more about them. The only one not able to do this with is the Glyco Mild 5%PM cream which is one we sell privately from our salon. This is a fantastic moisturizer that has 5%PM glycolic as well so it helps with sun spots, acne, fine lines and signs of aging. This is available here straight from my website.

Hope you enjoyed and as usual send me any questions via the comment section below or via Instagram!

Posted on August 19, 2016

How to Transition from Summer to Fall


Henri Bendel Rivington Henri Bendel Rivington Off The Shoulder Top Henri Bendel Rivington-16 Henri Bendel Rivington Mott & Bow Denim Henri Bendel Sunglasses Henri Bendel Rivington how to transition from summer to fall Off the Shoulder Top Top: Topshop // Pants: Mott & Bow // Bag: Henri Bendel // Sunglasses: Henri Bendel // Shoes: Sole Society // Bracelets: Kendra Scott // Choker: Here

Wondering how to transition from summer to fall easily? Getting ready for those fall months after the summer doesn’t have to be as difficult as we sometimes make it out to be and you don’t have to pack your summer pieces just yet! With just a few simple styling tricks you can take your favorite basics into fall.

Off the shoulder tops like the one I’m wearing in today’s post have been the craze all summer long. I have especially been sporting the trend non stop and I don’t really have any intention of stopping. Since I have so many off the shoulder items, why not find a way to continue to wear them into the fall?! To do this, rather than pairing it with some denim shorts or skirt as I would during the summer months, think a bit more higher scale, and darker like skinny jeans, and a statement handbag.

I’ll be honest with you guys — black skinny jeans are my absolute “go-to” during the fall. I think they are classic and perfect for many body shapes. I especially love the high waisted designs for both their comfort and style.

I also want to mention that you guys have probably seen me wear these shoes NON STOP in blog posts. I have them in this olive color and also in a beige color and I am obsessed with them. I feel like they go with so many looks and since they sort of give off that whole bootie vibe I will definitely be wearing these into the fall months. It doesn’t ever really get too cold in SoCal so it’s always a great option to have shoes that can work year round.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Posted on August 18, 2016

Back to School Outfit


Payless Back to School 638 Payless Back to School outfit Payless Back to School Payless Back to School Payless Back to School Payless Back to School Payless Back to School Payless Back to School Payless Back to School Payless Back to School 676 Payless Back to School Back to school outfit Payless Back to School 709 Top: Wayf // Pants: DL1961 // Necklace: Here // Hat: GUESS // Shoes: Payless ShoeSource // Backpack: Payless ShoeSource

Although I am done with school (sigh) it doesn’t mean I don’t think about the days when I used to be! And with everyone heading back to school in the next month or so, I thought why not do a post dedicated to some back to school fashion? I am kind of jealous of everyone heading to school these days because the fashion is well, just SO much better than when I was!

I mean, no diss to my days but seriously, where were these items when I was going? I am obsessed with the new trend of backpacks lately. No more are backpacks only for school but they are also for STYLE which is amazing. I remember I used to sport my black canvas Jansport backpack way back in the day and lets be honest, it was just not head turning. I LOVE that there are so many new options of backpacks now like this to DIE for Christian Siriano backpack from Payless! Plus Payless has SO many other options of Fashion backpacks you will love as well. I’ve been wearing this one a LOT lately and I love the gold hardware and the roomy interior which would be perfect for those school days as well!

Now lets talk about the clothes. A back to school outfit is all about comfort and style of course. I mean, walking from class to class all day you really can’t sacrifice comfort of all things in my opinion. Heading into the fall months I’m a lover of booties – I literally wear them all the time since they are fashionable and easy. I probably have a collection of 15+ booties in my closet (don’t judge me). I recently got these pointed toe booties from Payless since I didn’t have any that were this color. I thought they were the perfect stand out piece to any outfit and the heel height is perfect for walking around all day. These ones literally feature a two layer insole and memory foam which cradle the foot for total comfort with every step!

Wishing you all the BEST this school year!! I sorta miss it,…sorta.


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