Posted on July 3, 2015

Lipstick Swatches

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From left to right:

Forever 21: Sugarplum // BUXOM: Hot Toddy // bareMinerals: Candy Pop

Revlon: Softshell Pink // MAC: Blankety // NARS: Dolce Vita

I always love doing these lipstick swatches because I don’t know about you guys but I know when I am looking for a new lip color, I desperately wish I could see what they look like on someone. More times than not, lipstick shades look so much different on the lips than what the color actually looks like out of the tube and it’s kind of crazy how different they can actually look once you put them on! So I always love looking for lipstick swatches on people because it gives me a sense of the particular colors I’m looking for and what I feel would look best for my skin type. And it’s ok if you’re thinking, “whoa, Olia that shade looks terrible on you,.. never wear it again.” I forgive you.

When it comes to lipstick, I love all lip shades all brands – pretty much everything. Lipsticks, lip stains, lip glosses, lip everything.

Call me a lip addict.

Regardless, today I’ve round up six of my favorite current shades that have been on rotation lately. Some old, some new and some I just can’t stop wearing. I have to say, one of my favorites from today’s post is the bareMinerals: Candy Pop since it’s basically a lip balm with color which has my lips feeling amazing all day. It’s an oil-rich formula but also gives vibrant color as you can see above. Anyways check them all out and let me know which are your favs! Most of them are all affordable lipsticks anyways and some you won’t even believe the steals! I wish you all the best this holiday weekend! Happy 4th of July to everyone! Have fun and be safe!!

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Posted on July 2, 2015

Black and White Summer Outfit


black white outfit with black booties and white cardigan kimono isaac mizrahi crossbody bag love olia black jersey comfortable shorts sole society reflective sunglasses black ankle booties michael kors Photography: Evan McGinnis

Kimono Cardigan: Style Girl Boutique // Top: ASOS // Shorts: (old) // Bag: Isaac Mizrahi // Shoes (Similar) // Sunglasses: Sole Society // Bangle: Bling Jewelry

Guys – lately San Diego has felt like I was in a tropical thunderstorm. I don’t know whether to wear shorts because it’s so hot or boots because it’s raining off and on. I know, I know #SoCal problems. But seriously, we never get hot humid weather and this week it’s been all that plus some showers.

You’re probably all thinking, “boo hoo Olia, cry me a freaking river,” so okay,.. I’ll stop…

Anyways, I’m combatting it today by wearing shorts plus booties in my black and white summer outfit! I had this cute kimono cardigan that I knew I wanted to center the look around and decided that it would be fun to just stick to the simple black and white theme. Having everything else a solid color really makes the pattern on the kimono cardigan stand out a bit more. I also wanted to add a slight pop of color in the form of my bag so I went with one of my favorites – this Isaac Mizrahi crossbody that I wear all the time! Of course, I can’t leave the house without all my gold jewelry since I will seriously just feel naked without it so I topped the look off with that and Voila! A simple summer outfit!

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Posted on July 1, 2015

Belted Floral Romper


blue ASOS floral romper with belt linea pelle asos floral romper blue Love,  Olia ASOS Floral Romper Belted ASOS Floral Romper Linea Pelle Chain Link Belt Photography: Evan McGinnis

Floral Romper // Shoes // Bag // Necklace // Belt // Sunglasses

Happy Hump day everyone! We are half way through the week! Today’s look is featuring one of my favorite clothing items – a floral romper! As most of you know, rompers are one piece garments that have really taken the fashion industry by storm. It has been a trend for a couple of seasons now and is still worn all the time.

Why are rompers so popular? Well – besides the obvious, which is flaunting those legs, rompers pretty much give you the look of a mini skirt/dress but you can actually bend over and be mobile in! They are so versatile that it transitions day outfits to night attires in a few easy steps. Wear a look like this floral romper (above) for the day as I have alone with wedges or sandals and transition to night by topping off the look with a navy or black blazer and pumps to compliment the look. An instant glommed up outfit from day to night!

Another way that I like to wear a romper as seen above is by adding a simple accessory like a belt at the waist for an additional accent. It really gives an extra pop to the romper and breaks up the one piece look a bit more.

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Posted on June 30, 2015

Skin Care Tips from an Esthetician

Beauty/ Skin Care

Since I’m a licensed Esthetician, everyone always wants to know my best skin care tips and I get TONS of questions on a regular basis. I recently asked you all on Instagram to send me all your very own skin care questions and I would try to answer as many as I could! Thank you all SO much for sending me your questions – it helps so much!

Since this is kind of a long video, I’ve given you guys a guideline of where you can fast forward to to hear about certain topics although I’d love if you just watch the whole thing!

04:50 – The Basics about Facials and Why you Should do Them
09:44 – Proactiv, Salicylic Acid and why you might break out more after, dry, irritated, etc…
13:55 –  Hyperpigmentation, Acne Scars and How to get rid of them
16:35 –  How to Pop a Zit the correct way
18:30 –  Adult Acne, Fine Lines, Sensitive Skin
20:11 –  How to reduce redness and Oily Skin
22:04 – Crows Feet


Algotherm Gentle Cleansing Milk – By far the best GENTLE cleanser I’ve ever used and continue to use. This is my daily cleanser and has been for YEARS. Milky cleansers are gentle and non irritating plus do not strip your skin of its natural oils. This one in particular I LOVE because I can wash my eye area with and take my eye makeup off with (although when I wear a lot of eye makeup I still use an eye makeup remover as well). No Glycolic, No Salicylic – Super Gentle
Algotherm Toner – Best Gentle Toner. I’ve also been using this one to go along with my cleanser for AGES. A lot of people don’t use a toner which is really important. It finishes off the cleansing process, helps to minimize pores and at the end of the day if you wear makeup you will be STUNNED to see how much additional makeup it removes on your cotton ball! – No Glycolic, No Salicylic – Super Gentle


Algotherm Youth Clarifying Fluid with SPF 30 – I did mention that if you have pigmentation issues you should probably get a peel or something of the sort but if you are looking for something for at home care and a moisturizer that helps for pigmentation this is a FANTASTIC ONE. This light fluid efficiently protects skin against UV rays and aggressions strains. It brightens and unifies complexion. The appearance of dark spots and fine lines is soothed over and reduced. We have MANY clients on this moisturizer who LOVE it. One thing our clients really like is that it has SPF 30 already in the lotion as well which also protects against further sun damage as well.


Glycolic Cleanser – I talked a LOT about Glycolic in the video as you probably heard. I have been using Glycolic products on my face since the age of 12 and I swear by the. Our Glycolic Cleanser is by far our best selling cleanser. It has 10% Glycolic in it and helps to exfoliate the dead skin while treating your acne and trouble spots. We recommend using the Algotherm Gentle cleanser in the morning and this cleanser at night to not overdue it. Remember overdoing anything is not good for your skin so always think everything in moderation!
Glycolic Moisturizer – This glycolic moisturizer is amazing! This would be your night cream for before you go to bed. You apply this to cleansed skin (avoiding eye area) and it helps to treat your acne. Again, glycolic will not dry you out as salicylic and benzyl peroxide and others do. Glycolic keeps the skin balanced and glowing which is why everyone loves it. You can do this every night or every other night. I always recommend to start with the 5%PM. Keep in mind – I have been doing Glycolic for YEARS and I only use 10%PM. Don’t be so eager to go high right off the bat. Better to start slow.


Algotherm Purifying Matifying Fluid – This daily moisturizing treatment regulates excess sebum leaving the skin less oily and clearer, day after day. It matifies, soothes, and delivers comfort and radiance. Its matte finish and anti-shine action make this treatment an excellent make-up base that all women will love. This product will act as your moisturizer and you will apply it day and night onto cleansed skin but it will control the oil production for oily skin and give you a more matte look throughout the day.


Algotherm Repair Re-Source Cream – 5 in 1, the Repair RE-Source Cream instantly comforts, moisturizes, lastingly nourishes, revitalizes and protects the skin from dryness. The skin’s suppleness and comfort are restored for lasting well-being. Apply morning and night to cleansed skin.


Dr. Grandel Contour Balm – A great eye cream for eyes and can also be used on lips as well.

If you guys have ANY additional questions let me know in the comments below. I definitely want to continue on the topic of skin care and answer your questions!

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Posted on June 29, 2015

Nautical Outfit | 4th of July Inspired


Photography: Evan McGinnis

Top // Jacket // Pants (Similar) // Shoes – All Tommy Hilfiger
Bag: Gigi New York // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Every year when summer comes around, it seems that a nautical outfit always makes a comeback and never really goes out of style. The nautical trend really gives off that European sophistication and it always works with denim, making a casual outfit look elegant, pretty much instantly.

“the nautical trend gives off that European sophistication..” 

And being completely honest – most of us don’t spend very much time lounging around on the deck of a yacht, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress the part. Although there are many different ways to sport the nautical trend, one of my favorite ways is with stripes and by wearing red, white & blue, of course and with 4th of July right around the corner what better way than to dress it up?! A nautical outfit gives you that clean and crisp look that is chic and perfect for the summer!

My tips to the perfect nautical outfit?

1. Reach for stripes – Stripes are very popular for nautical themed outfits and they’re the only print pattern you need to recreate the look.

2. Stick to basic pieces – the nautical look calls for nothing fancy. A striped t-shirt and khaki or white shorts accessorized with nautical themed pieces is enough if you want to wear the theme with your everyday style.

3. Attention to details – The smallest details can sometimes make or break and outfit and if you want to pull off nautical themed outfits with perfection, attention to details is very important. The simple addition of gold or brass buttons (where possible) can really give your nautical themed outfit that ‘oomph’.

4. Accessorize – Accessorizing is actually quite easy when recreating nautical themed outfits. Simple jewelry, a wrist watch and your favorite purse should do the trick.

5. Red, Whites & Blues! – The most popular colors used when going for the nautical look are white, navy blue, black, and khaki. Red and gold are sometime used as accent colors, too.

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