Monday, July 28, 2014

Cali Cool

rag and bone, distressed shorts, denim shorts, boyfriend shorts, rebecca minkoff crossbody, bag, clutch, lace up sandals, sole society
rag and bone, distressed shorts, denim shorts, boyfriend shorts, rebecca minkoff crossbody, bag, clutch, lace up sandals, sole society
rag and bone, distressed shorts, denim shorts, boyfriend shorts, rebecca minkoff crossbody, bag, clutch, lace up sandals, sole society
rag and bone, distressed shorts, denim shorts, boyfriend shorts, summer outfits, rebecca minkoff crossbody, bag, clutch, lace up sandals, sole societyrag and bone, distressed shorts, denim shorts, boyfriend shorts, rebecca minkoff crossbody, bag, clutch, lace up sandals, sole society
Top: Old // Shorts: Rag & Bone, similar here // Shoes: Sole Society // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Oh goodness has it been hot & humid in San Diego or WHAT! I mean, I know we don't have much to complain about but I just have to let it out... a little ;)  Regardless, lately my attire has been pretty simple -- denim shorts, a blouse & some flat sandals. With a simple outfit like this, I like to always accessorize it up. I always say you can never have too much!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shop my Instagrams! #LIKETKIT

Well, if you've been on Instagram lately you've probably been seing a lot of those #liketkit links & hashtags and instead of just assuming everyone knows what it is, I'm going to take minute and explain it for those of you who aren't familiar!

Liketkit transltates into LiketoKNOWit. It is a new service that works with instagram and basically is a way for you all the shop all of my Instagram posts! I get a lot of comments from people wondering where I get certain items that I post and now I will be linking everything through liketkit so you all can shop easily! Not only that, but if you see the link on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else you may follow, you can just click through and just access it via the website.

So here is how it works...


Head to (on your computer or phone) and sign in via Instagram to be signed up for emails.


Continue to like all the photos that you adore, but keep an eye out for the ones that have a link, #liketkit and @liketkit. These things mean that when you "like" the photo, you will get all the shopable items sent straight to your email.


Once you like a photo, details will be sent to your email but you can get instant gratification by going to the link you see associated with an image (ex:

How awesome is that?!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Just Natural + Giveaway!

I recently discovered a new brand of hair & body products called Just Natural Hair & Skin Care. I kind of fell in love with the brand after reading a little about it. It's no secret so much of our products are made from synthetic & animal by-products which can sometimes damage your body and health. What I liked about Just Natural was that they use no animal ingredients nor do they do any animal testing. 

The products are made with the best vegetable oils, butters, botanicals and essential oils.

Being and esthetician it's so important for me to care for my skin and body and it's helped me be more aware of what I'm putting on my body and hair. As we all know, eating natural and organic is much healthier for our health as is the use of good products. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and I try to do all that I can to treat it well.

I ordered many different products for my hair and body but I wanted to touch on my three favorites! The first of the three is the Just Natural Shine Polish. We all know I love to take care of my hair and I was looking for a new shine product because I had just run out. Sometimes my hair gets a bit dull and I like to liven it up and make it look healthy again and this was the perfect product to do so. It is basically like a leave in treatment that helps to repair the damage and restore moisture. I try not to do too much heat styling on my hair but from time to time I do and have found that leave in treatments are the way to go to repair any damage I've done. My hair also seems to get a bit dry in the summer due to being out at the beach, pool and with lots of sun exposure so I have been loving using this to get rid of my frizz and restore it's moisture.

The second product I loved was the Dead Sea Bath Salts. If you don't know already Dead Sea products have extremely beneficial effects on the skin and their beautifying powers have been recognized since ancient times. I was really excited when I saw these bath salts available because I have been making a conscious effort to take more baths and relax my mind & body. This was just what I needed and I get to absorb all the minerals of the Dead Sea while at it. All you do is just pour the salts under warm running water and allow the mineral salts to dissolve. My skin feels better immediately after.

The last product I loved was the Natural Body Lotion. My skin is extremely dry year round. I don't know what it is but I'm always super dry which can lead to getting itchy and sometimes irritations. I aways have to lather up with lotions but I'm pretty picky when it comes to it. I don't like using lotions that are more geared towards smelling fruity and "pretty." Most of the time those lotions are just filled with fragrances which actually end up over drying the skin even more. Lotions made with more natural ingredients is what really works for me which is why I loved this one. This body lotion is made with pure concentrated plant butters, oils and essentials that absorb quickly and last all day long - I love it! I really don't need to reapply which is amazing.

Now onto the good stuff..

I'm really excited because Just Natural is giving you all a chance to win all three of my favorite products! All you have to do is simply enter below. Winner will be announced in one week and will get this bundle of goodies!!
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

High Heels Honey








What's a girl to do when we want to update our shoe collection but don't want all the guilt? We find deals at less than $100, of course! Above is my roundup of a few favs!! They are linked below or you can just click on your favorite shoe in the photo above and it will take you right to the store! Hope you enjoy!

The Overall Comeback

overalls, overall comback, denim overals, boyfriend overalls
overalls, overall comback, denim overals, boyfriend overalls
dr. scholls, dr scholls, dr. scholls shoes, wedges
overalls, overall comback, denim overals, boyfriend overalls
Overalls: Big Star similar Here // Top: Windsor // Shoes: Dr. Scholls // Bag: Sole Society // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

The denim one-piece from your childhood is back (secretly screaming inside). Honestly, I don't know anyone from back in elementary/middle school who wasn't rocking their overalls. In fact, I was not so fashion forward at the time and I have to admit, I had the tomboyish thing going on.


These days the classic denim overall look is basically a trendy laid back style of boy meets girl. Think oversized design, boyfriend jeans, vintage looking & lots of jewelry. This can be statement necklaces and bangles since it's the easiest way to balance out the boyish look and instantly make it fab.

The shorts denim overalls are the cute girly style that can essentially be treated like a dress. If it's loose (like mine above) think to pair it with a tight top, some bling & fun shades. I liked these blue ray-bans since it added to the outfit but still kept it in the boy meets girl theme. (I mean, have you ever met a boy or girl who doesn't look good in aviators?)

Now what about the shoes, right?! Well, there are lots of options and they are all going to look good no matter what with this trend. You can spice it up, tone it down, keep it basic or totally hipster. Heels make it look urban, sneakers make it laid back & cool, gladiator sandals add that boho theme & ankle books give it more of an edge.

So which style do you prefer?!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Insta Diaries

{ ring party }
Rings: Available here, here and here.
Watch: Here

{ casual day ootd }
Shorts: Here, Top: Here, Sunglasses: Here // Hat: Here

{ love these low pumps }
Shoes available here

{ lots of blue }
Pants: Here, Shoes: Here

{ my favorite retro swimsuit }
Available here

{ cute pj's always make me happy }
Available here

{ oversized cat eyes }
Shop them here

{ always improving the home }
Coffee table(the BEST): Here, Pillows: Here, Side Table: Here, Tray: Here
Candle Holders: Here 

{ simply in love }
Purchase them here

As you all know, I share a lot of my life, blog & behind the scenes on my Instagram account. I am always getting questions of where I get certain pieces so I will be doing posts where I share my latest Instagrams on my blog with links to all the pieces. Hope you enjoy!

DIY: Top Knot

Another tutorial for you all! 
Here is how I get that great top knot and it's SUPER easy and totally fool proof ;)

Step 1: Tie hair into a high ponytail
Step 2: Insert hair donut (or sock bun) through hair and keep it at the base of the ponytail.
Step 3: Tease the ponytail with a hair or comb to give it lots of volume.
Step 4: Gather the hair and wrap it around your hair donut.
Step 5: Pin with bobby pins to hold.

Video version below!
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